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The Emerge Team

Get to know the people contributing to Emerge.  We’re dedicated to offering quality content and having fun while we’re doing it.


Tiffany Boyle


The founder and visionary behind Emerge. Tiffany wants everyone to succeed and by their plan.

A seasoned Speaker, Tiffany M. Boyle is known for transforming the lives of audiences.  Her talks are attended by people of all ages and backgrounds, and inspired leaders from a variety of industries. A strategic approach combined with an outside-the-box perspective, Tiffany M. Boyle will help you breakthrough challenges to reach your goals.

With a background in the public and private sector, as both an employee and entrepreneur, Tiffany Boyle, brings a new approach as well as an extensive array of experiences.  She has been a resident of Newport News, Virginia for over 20 years where she’s held many roles to impact and help her Newport News Community.


As Commissioner, Tiffany oversees a budget exceeding $2.5 million along with over 40 professionals providing numerous functions such as assessment of taxes, correction of assessments, defending the assessment, as well as discovery.

As CEO of Emerge Industries, LLC she oversees the entire organization. The magazine includes design, articles being reported, interviews, print production, and more... She is the co-host of the Emerge Yourself Podcast where she interviews hundreds of business owners and provides tips for CEOs. She hosts workshops all educating small business owners to give them the tools to emerge. 

As a cofounder of Ladies Around the Globe, LLC she encourages thousands of women all around the globe on being a true sister. This woman's network is ever-growing and encourages women to be themselves, support each other, and to relax.

DaShana Kemp-Garnett


I am a native to Virginia. I attended

King & Queen county public schools though I lived in Middlesex county. I obtained my Bachelor's degree from Christopher Newport University. I majored in Business Administration and minored in Communication Studies. I attended The George Washington University where I graduated with a Masters of Arts in Education and Human Development. I am a proud wife and a mother.  My business focus is to help people achieve their financial goals and educate them on how money works.

The most important part of preparing for the future is protecting it. Let DaShana help you protect your future.  Whether you are an individual or business, DaShana can help you prepare for uncertainty. Whether you outlive your retirement, pass away unexpectedly or become disabled, she can help protect the life you’ve built for you and your loved ones. She can provide a variety of options to help you prepare for your leisure years confidently without having to sacrifice your quality of life.  DaShana can also help structure strategies for employees and owners to help ensure if- or when- something happens, those who own and run the business are protected. 

“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.” -Robert Kiyosaki

To learn more visit her website:


Dorothya Shuler



DJ Mista Cham


Radio/Production Team

Contributing Writers


Joyce White-Nelson


Shana Francesca


Brenda Henderson

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