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Empowered by Emerge

Welcome to the Empowered by Emerge Foundation – a dynamic platform dedicated to empowering business owners through workshops, networking events, webinars, and our flagship event, Emerge Yourself Day.

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About the Foundation

At Empowered by Emerge, we believe in the transformative power of knowledge and mentorship. Our foundation is committed to supporting and uplifting business owners by providing them with the tools, resources, and connections they need to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

**Our Offerings:**

1. Workshops for Business Owners:
   Dive into our hands-on workshops designed to equip business owners with practical skills, industry insights, and strategies to elevate their ventures.

2. Networking Events:
   Forge meaningful connections with fellow entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and like-minded professionals at our networking events. Expand your network and discover new opportunities.

3. Webinars:
   Stay ahead of industry trends and gain valuable knowledge from the comfort of your own space. Our webinars feature experts sharing their experiences, tips, and strategies for success.

4. Emerge Yourself Day:
   Our flagship event, Emerge Yourself Day, is a groundbreaking initiative exclusively tailored for high school students with an entrepreneurial spirit. This day-long program is designed to enhance the lives of students by offering:

   - Educational Workshops: Engage in interactive sessions that cover essential entrepreneurial skills, from business planning to marketing strategies.

   - Insightful Panel Discussions: Hear firsthand from successful entrepreneurs who share their journeys, challenges, and key lessons learned on the path to success.

   - Valuable Mentorship: Receive personalized mentorship on business ideas, connecting with experienced professionals who are passionate about fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Why Emerge Yourself Day?
Emerge Yourself Day goes beyond traditional educational events. It is a unique opportunity for high school students to explore their potential, connect with industry leaders, and gain the confidence to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. We believe in nurturing the seeds of innovation and ambition within the leaders of tomorrow.

Join us at Empowered by Emerge Foundation, where empowerment meets entrepreneurship. Let's build a community of inspired individuals who are ready to emerge as leaders and create a lasting impact in the world of business.

Are you ready to unlock your potential? Empower yourself with Emerge!


DaShana Kemp-Garnett



Tiffany Boyle

Vice Chair


Noah Patterson

Programming Editor


Tess Anderson

Art Director

Board Members

How Can You Help?

Supporting a non-profit organization can take various forms, and your involvement can make a significant impact on their mission. Here are several ways to support a non-profit:

1. Financial Contributions:
   - Donate Directly: Make a one-time or recurring monetary donation to the non-profit.
   - Fundraising Campaigns: Participate in or organize fundraising events or campaigns to raise funds for specific projects or causes.
   - Corporate Matching: Check if your employer offers donation matching programs to maximize your contributions.

2. Volunteer Your Time:
   - Hands-On Volunteering: Contribute your time and skills directly to the organization. This could involve tasks such as event coordination, administrative work, or providing specialized services.
   - Skilled Volunteering: Offer your professional skills, such as marketing, graphic design, legal advice, or technology expertise, to help the non-profit achieve its goals.

3. Spread Awareness:
   - Social Media Advocacy: Share information about the non-profit on your social media platforms to increase awareness.
   - Word of Mouth: Talk to friends, family, and colleagues about the organization's mission and encourage them to get involved.

4. In-Kind Donations:
   - Donate Goods or Services: Provide non-monetary support by donating goods, equipment, or services that the organization may need.

5. Attend Events:
   - Participate in Events: Attend and participate in events organized by the non-profit, such as charity walks, galas, or community outreach programs.

6. Become a Member:
   - Join as a Member: If the non-profit has a membership program, consider becoming a member to receive updates, exclusive content, and actively participate in their community.

7. Advocate for the Cause:
   - Write Letters or Petitions: Advocate for the non-profit's cause by writing letters or signing petitions to support related legislation or policy changes.

8. Provide Professional Expertise:
   - Serve on a Board: If you have the expertise, consider joining the non-profit's board of directors to contribute to strategic decision-making.
   - Offer Training Sessions: Provide training sessions or workshops to the organization's staff or beneficiaries based on your area of expertise.

9. Create Workplace Giving Programs:
   - Encourage Workplace Giving: Advocate for workplace giving programs in your company, encouraging colleagues to support the non-profit.

10. Long-Term Commitment:
    - Regular Contributions: Commit to regular, ongoing support to provide the non-profit with stability and sustainability.

11. Host a Fundraising Event:
    - Organize an Event: Host a charity event, auction, or other fundraising activities to raise funds for the non-profit.

Remember that every contribution, whether big or small, can make a difference. Before getting involved, it's a good idea to communicate directly with the non-profit to understand their specific needs and how you can best support their mission.

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