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Women Impacting the Nation


WIN PAC: Introducing the Future of Bi-Partisan Women’s Political Power

WASHINGTON, DC — The landscape of American politics saw a promising shift with the launch of the WIN PAC (Women Impacting the Nation) on Friday, October 27th, 2023 at the National Press Club. With its launch in the nation’s capital, WIN PAC seeks to spearhead the much- needed change, emphasizing the importance of supporting and electing a diverse group of transformative women candidates to public office.

Driven by the mission to back women who embody the essence of WIN – bold visionaries positively impacting their communities – the PAC goes beyond party lines, fostering unity and understanding in a traditionally polarized political scene.

“We believe that true change is achieved when we move beyond party labels and focus on the character, vision, and integrity of our leaders,” says Charity Chandler-Cole, co-founder of WIN PAC. “Our goal is to ensure that the diverse voices of women from all walks of life are heard, recognized, and positioned to make lasting change.”

WIN PAC’s ambitious agenda doesn’t stop in Washington, DC. Plans are already underway for a launch tour in major cities, including Los Angeles, Memphis, and Atlanta. Each launch aims to engage local communities, leaders, and potential candidates, fostering a nationwide network of support for women in leadership roles.

“The political playing field has historically been skewed. It’s time we level it by not just encouraging women to run for office, but by actively ensuring they have the resources and backing to win,” comments Tiffany Boyle, another co-founder.

WIN PAC invites supporters, potential donors, and women interested in running for public office to join them in their mission. With a wave of events, campaigns, and initiatives planned for the coming months, the PAC is poised to become a formidable force in the 2024 elections and beyond. Together, with a commitment to diversity and a focus on issues that matter most to our communities, WIN PAC aims to redefine what’s possible in the political realm.


WIN PAC (Women Impacting the Nation) is a bi-partisan political action committee dedicated to supporting and electing a diverse group of transformative women candidates to public office. With an emphasis on bold leadership and community impact, WIN PAC seeks to bring the voices of women to the forefront of the political arena, championing change and unity.

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