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Founder of a local startup recently won a pitch contest in the energy industry.

A founder of a local startup recently won a pitch contest in the energy industry.

Thomas Hunter, of Edenic Energy, is experiencing success.

The Dominion Energy Innovation Center hosted an energy innovation pitch contest May 16, and Edenic earned a $2,000 grant award. Dominion Energy is a signature sponsor of the Center.


Edenic Energy is a Portsmouth-based company that provides software and hardware to outdated buildings, primarily in economically disadvantaged communities, so that owners can make cost-effective energy efficient improvements.

The company currently has six pilot programs and plans to use the grant award to accelerate product development and onboard more commercial buildings.

“It feels like a breath of fresh air to have won because as an early-stage startup, these opportunities are what keep us going,” said Thomas Hunter, the company’s founder.

Hunter wants to ensure more communities have access to energy efficient solutions.

“Innovation is what moves the needle to solve these hard problems in this industry. With new technologies, we are finding out that there are better ways to mitigate climate risk, increase profit, and ultimately impact the health of people.”


WHAT: The Dominion Energy Innovation Center invites local businesses to participate in a conference and innovation pitch competition called Spark 757. The event is the first of its kind in the region. The conference brings together industry leaders, researchers, and entrepreneurs to accelerate Virginia’s clean energy transition to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The event is hosted in partnership with Jefferson Lab, Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, and NASA Langley Research Center.

WHO: Early-stage energy companies and entrepreneurs are invited to apply to pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges for a chance to win up to $8,500 in unrestricted innovation grants. The funds aim to accelerate the commercialization of advanced energy systems including nuclear, clean hydrogen, and other energy forms. The goal is to make it safer and easier to build, generate, transmit, and consume clean energy for a more sustainable future.

WHEN: Deadline for early-stage companies and entrepreneurs to register for the pitch competition is Tuesday, May 9. The actual event is May 16 at Jefferson Lab in Newport News.

WHERE: Early-stage companies and entrepreneurs can register at

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