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Fashion & Modeling

1.Kylie Honeycomb, based in Richmond, Virginia, dreams to be in Vogue and walk internationally. Kylie is a professional photographer and curator with a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth School of the Arts.

2. Taylor Carville, Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, Hopes to get out of her small town and travel somewhere bigger. As of right now working on her personal trainer certification.


3. Kathleen Flores, Manassas, Va. My goal is to be a recognizable model in the fashion and commercial field.

To inspire people to chase what they want in life and that you're not too short to model. I am not in school.

4. Virginia native LaToya Parham founded Luxury Professionals Shop in April 2022. LaToya’s goal is to provide chic and sophisticated clothing for the modern everyday working woman. She keeps her brand fresh and full of color hoping to end the no color in the professional world stereotypes. LaToya has always had a natural eye for fashion while upscaling clothing appeal and artistry . People gravitate to her creativity and inspiration which fuels her drive. Although she’s only been designing for a short while, she’s always had a local and now virtual audience that will look up to her for her curation of fashion and style.

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