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Emerge Summer 2017 (SOLD OUT)


This issue features the NFLA Philadelphia Chapter. They discuss the benefits of being an NFLA member as well as the preconceived notions of the NFL and it’s constituents.

Emerge Fall 2016 (SOLD OUT)


This issue features franchise guru, Todd Swicegood. He is discussing why and how he started his new franchise, Sunup Insurance. Learn about how to get into the franchise industry, mistakes entrepreneurs make, and how to keep your head in the game. Connect with business owners from across the world that are featured in this issue.

Emerge Fall 2015 (SOLD OUT)


This issue features Australian pop sensation, Barry Conrad. Inside this edition you will take a questionnaire to know if you are ready for entrepreneurship, discover the new edition to the Rolls Royce family, and read about those who are revolutionizing their industry and how you can do the same.