Iva Jean Smith



I was always fascinated with words and their colorful meanings. The origins of my creative writing journey began when I was eight. Family members and close friends encouraged me to write short stories , skits, and poems. My parents were gifted poets so I attribute my passion for writing to them. My mother not only wrote poetry, but recited poems and Psalms that she had memorized from her childhood. We frequently shared our poetry with each other. About eleven years ago after my mother passed, I began writing more seriously. I revisited my old collection of poems and God gave me new ones. This has been a wonderful season in my life which as been characterized by the competition of a poetic collection of Whispers of Hope and the wedding and marriage collection entitled To Have and to Hold. A  subsequent book, Whispers of Grace, a collection of poems of consolation and prayers is in the process of publication. These books can be purchased  in hard bound, paperback, or E-books on Xlibris.com and Barnes and Noble.com . Readers tell me that my books bring healing, peace, and joy , and help them discover inner strength. I also write and read customized poems for family reunions, birthdays, weddings, and homecomings. These poems are unique because they capture the essence of the celebration and create a vivid impression upon the minds that hear and see  them. These poems make precious keepsakes that will bring joy in the months and years that follow. Writing gives me a forum to express my ideas, interpret my experiences and that of others while learning to dwell in tranquility.

Author, motivational speaker, seasonal events speaker committed  to changing the world  and making it better one book, one person at a time.


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