Christina Henck

Contributing Writer


Christina Henck is originally from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, near New Orleans, LA. She grew up in a very architecturally rich place featuring French and Spanish colonial architecture along with Arts and Crafts and Bungalow styles, which inspired her from an early age. Shopping for antiques with family and exposure to design motifs in home furnishings were regular activities in her early development.

Christina Henck has always identified as a designer, she tells stories of her early beginnings – “gluing Mardi Gras beads to metal furniture as a child”. Her father was a well-respected architect in Chicago and The Gulf Coast. In order to live out her father’s legacy and build her own career in the related field of interior design, she has taken on residential renovations, and interior design work in the Philadelphia area in recent years. She has done this via her company, of which she is the owner and creator, Henck Design LLC.

In an effort to marry fine art and the business worlds, Christina perused and obtained a 5-year degree Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from The University of Southern Mississippi. Classically trained in Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture, Christina Henck brings a fine arts view to interiors that sets Henck Design apart. She’s especially known for connecting old and new motifs to create a one of a kind contrast that’s her signature.

“I’ve created this company because I want to make a difference in peoples’ everyday lives. I yearn to create beautiful spaces that inspire my clients and their guests. I revel in the thought that people who would otherwise have a very bland dwelling can benefit from my ability to transform space to give them a fresh perspective and a fabulous living environment to meet their day to day needs.” – Christina Henck


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