Emerge Fitness Club

The Emerge Fitness Club is intended to enhance the social life and health of business professionals. Feel free to post about activities, your goals, progress and meal tips. Please ask questions as there will be personal professional trainers in the group that will respond. Activity posts should include social sports, physical fitness, restaurants for healthy eating, outdoors and cultural activities, bike rides, group runs, and food tips. You can be a busy professional and still find time to be fit and emerge!


Entrepreneur Book Club

Join the most rewarding book club for entrepreneurs. Find out how you can win gift cards as well as other cool prizes.

  1. Share posts.
  2. Invite business owners/entrepreneurs to the club (at least one a month)
  3. Review the selected book by the end of the month.
  4. Participate in the monthly online chat.

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    Emerge Finance Group

    The goal of this finance group is for its members to emerge into a state of economic health through gaining financial knowledge and implementing the strategies necessary to acquire and maintain wealth and the resources to aid and support ourselves and our communities at large.



    Emerge events or events that we sponsor brings people together through live experiences. Discover events that match your passions and goals.




    Giving Opportunities, Advertising, & Marketing to business owners/entrepreneurs with a low cost opportunity to be advertised over 5 media outlets for 6 months. For a one-time fee of $57.99 your company is advertised through five media outlets.