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We care a lot about customer service at Emerge. That’s why it’s our goal to provide an optimal experience for all subscribers.

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I have found Emerge magazine to be, not only, extremely informative and engaging, but it has also provided great business value to me because of the contacts I’ve made with people and businesses featured in Emerge.  I recommend this for new and seasoned business owners, entrepreneurs and business professionals alike!

Chad CormanPMP, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Franchise Enterprise

Emerge is the quintessential magazine for entrepreneurs. The magazine has a very unique style and format, in that it is entirely comprised of bios and personal profiles. Emerge is extremely motivational and educational, because you get to see the challenges fellow entrepreneurs have faced and how they overcame those adversities. Emerge is the perfect table magazine for any household or business.

James CrosbyCEO of Crosby & Company

Being part of the Emerge Community Outreach Team has made me more aware of what is needed throughout the community, whether it is helping schools with supplies, giving food to local animal shelters, doing random acts of kindness (i.e buying lunch for someone, saying thank you, or just speaking to someone to brighten their day). Being a part of this team to help others in need is very fulfilling and has also helped me grow as a person & come out of my “shy, protective” shell (only a little, am still working on it). It is such a joy to be a part of the beautiful ladies on this team. Emerge is more than a magazine.

Sheila Tyler

I am proud to be part of Emerge family of subscribers, since its inception. I truly appreciate the integrity and enthusiasm of the executive team of Emerge. We are happy to have such a great resource in the business community that showcase relevant local businesses with such a positive impact.

Thomas ZgamboUltNetS CEO

To me, Emerge says a lot about itself. The name itself gives you a feeling of excitement and hope, I think Emerge is a great media source to stay up on the latest business news.

George Stadler

Dear Emerge, I would like to take a moment to say thank you!: 1. For being a source I can go to for my business needs and updates. 2. Being a platform for independent business owners, like myself, to show case our businesses. 3. Providing a global umbrella for business like minded folks to come together. 4. Supporting surrounding communities when and where applicable. 5. Having a face in the industry that is respected and looked to. These are just a few of many things I would like to thank you for providing to consumers, like myself, and I look forward to what the future holds for Emerge and excited to support and be a part wherever I can.

Aswad AbasiCEO of Abasi Couture

Looking forward to the latest issue of Emerge the Magazine, The New Voice of Business. Like the first two issues; a must read for the young and, like myself, the not so young entrepreneurs.

John Sires

I love the name of the magazine. Each time I say the word Emerge it makes me feel so free. I envision myself breaking free from what’s trying to hold me back from my dreams and I am watching myself dancing freely as I emerge into my destiny. Emerge is a powerful word and a powerful and inspiring magazine.

Paula BeckettCEO of Positive Reality TV

Tiffany is a great interviewer, and gifted with a pen! You can count on her to grab a story pitch, and convert that pitch into a great, compelling story! A pro journalist, no doubt!

Kevin WilsonContributing Writer/ Single Minutes Magazine

Emerge employees are very professional and very knowledgeable. When I was interviewed me for Emerge Magazine the reporter was detailed and specific, and was already very knowledgeable of my company prior to speaking with me. Very impressed.

Juan ThompsonCommissioner at IACS Music-Sports League, LLC.